Coming to America

Aptus Plant Tech is a completely new plant technology, birthed in commercial agriculture and now made available to the hydroponics industry. Over the last 12 years, Aptus has dominated the market in Holland and is growing quickly in several other European markets. This rise to prominence is not from million dollar marketing budgets and aggressive sales tactics. Rather, Aptus products are built on True Plant Science, so growers experience production and cost-savings like they've never seen. We don't need to brag, the science speaks for itself.

We are heavily invested in bring food production closer to the point of consumption. This is a growing movement called urban agriculture. Learn more about our efforts and how you can become involved here.

The Aptus Philosophy

We strive for excellence in everything we do. This applies to nutrients, client service and quality of our public image and beliefs. Our three core brand pillars are:

Education – Everything we do begins with proper education. We focus on the benefit (and truth) of maximizing plant genetic potential through natural, science-based nutrition technologies. Our chief desire is to create a community of growers who understand why they achieve great yields.

Quality – We are constantly vigilant of the quality of our ingredients, distribution channels, and staff. Growers can be confident that their plants receive no synthetic or harmful materials from Aptus products—only natural nutrition.

Value – All our products are designed to maximize the end user's value experience. The high concentrations of our nutrient formulas mean low per-use cost and minimal waste. Growers typically achieve better quality and higher yields for far less cost.

The Aptus Approach

The Aptus Approach is to provide quality uniform products and education that enhance the growers' production and cultivation. The Aptus Approach is based on a preventive methodology for host (plant), pest and environmental problems. Simply put, to avoid problems before they become problems.

The Aptus Approach is the natural way; it respects fully the rules of nature and is a guideline to get back to ancient natural mechanisms: soil care and plant care. Aptus is the combination of soil bioremediation, plant stimulation and proper nutrition.

Aptus Education

Our education focuses in plant nutrition are:

  1. The right nutrition, in the right amounts, at the right time
  2. Natural organic nitrogen
  3. Importance of biostimulation
  4. Chelating nutrients for maximum bioavailability
  5. Specific purpose and effect of each stimulant
  6. Understanding your plants' needs

Aptus Nutrition Technology

Aptus technology consists of three important components:

  1. Silicic acid + Micro-elements
  2. L-Amino Acids + Nutrients
  3. Microlife + Stimulants

Aptus Feed Schedules

Use the Aptus Online Nutrient Calculator to customize your feeding schedule. If you are working with recirculating hydroponics or outdoor crops download the alternative feeding schedules.

Aptus Feeding Schedules   

To make your life easier, we have custom feed schedules for many of the popular base NPK fertilizers. Click here to find the feed schedule for your base.

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