Aptus Bible

The Aptus bible is the definitive guide to all things Aptus. If you want a complete and deep education about the science behind Aptus, read the Aptus Bible.


True plant science education

As we roll out our specialty boosters in retail hydroponics stores throughout the country, we are holding true plant science classes for growers of all experience levels in local education centers. We'll also be doing a bit of online training soon.

If you'd like to host an event at your store: Contact us


Aptus feed schedules

Click here for feed schedules

Use the Aptus online nutrient calculator to customize your feeding schedule. If you are working with recirculating hydroponics or outdoor crops download the alternative feeding schedules. Or print the fill-in extreme feed schedule to customize for your reservoir size.

Everyone uses a different base npk fertilizer. So we decided to simplify your life by making custom feed schedules using aptus boosters and some of the best base fertilizers in the business. These are based directly on the manufacturer's recommendations. You may find it necessary to plus of minus the base npk dosage depending on your specific strain.


Is Aptus expensive?

Depends on how you look at it! That may sound like a cop-out line, but let's look at the facts. Aptus bottles are small. And the concentration is very high--up to 10x more concentrated than many similar products. So the bottle seems pricey.

In reality aptus tends to be quite affordable for many growers. We did a fair cost-comparison of most major brands, even some that are far cheaper than aptus! You can't just look at dollar for dollar or bottle for bottle. Some of the other cost savings that aptus growers experience:

·      Shorter veg times because of quicker and more robust growth (reports up to 30%)

·      Faster bloom period finish (reports up to 6 days)

·      Higher quality of key measurable factors (oils, resins, flavors, aromas, nutrition, etc)

·      Healthier plants mean less pest and fungal treatments

·      Less mistakes because of the simple feed schedule and minimal products


More education

We believe in our products. But we know that sometimes, you need more information to make the switch or to use them properly. Please contact our educators or to geek out about plant science and get more Aptus knowledge: Contact us